Every month, we honor and recognize a consumer and caregiver of the month, who is a pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond in their current job responsibilities.

Read their stories below.

Caregiver Lydia

“I always wanted to be a caregiver, I had always had a passion to work with either children or seniors. While working at Hands From The Heart, I have learned that our client’s depend on us a lot and need our help daily.  HFTH is always attentive, and responsive. I worked for a lot of agencies, but no place was like HFTH. They answer the phone, and I always get a live person. The advice I would give a prospective caregiver would be to tell them to listen to their client, and connect with them. Always have respect for your elders, clients. ”

Consumer Brian

“My neighbors Rafael is also an amputee, and myself were talking to his aide at the time, and when we heard how great “Hands From The Heart” was, we were very impressed and switched from the agency I had before. I enjoy everything about my caregiver. When the weather is nice, we go to yard sales and farmers markets. When the weather is bad, we watch movies, talk or play games every now and then. Before HFTH I was with Care Sense in Reading, PA. Hands From The Heart truly cares about their clients, but their employees as well. You give off a family type atmosphere. It’s nice when a first time caregiver comes to the job and they’ve been well informed of your conditions and any problems. My caregiver assists with any and all things I may need help with. She doesn’t complain about anything. ”