Every month, we honor and recognize a consumer and caregiver of the month, who is a pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond in their current job responsibilities.

This month is a special occasion. It is National Family Caregiver month! We are honoring five wonderful caregivers. Read their stories below.

Caregiver Simone

“I became a caregiver because I like helping people. As a caregiver I have learned to be very patient.  I enjoy getting to meet new people. Those new people are often other caregivers and older clients. I love older clients. I feel very proud that I have was hired and work for HFTH. The advice I would give the new prospective is to be patient with the client. Treat them the same way you would want someone to treat your family member. Also listen to the client. Sometimes they just need someone to talk to. “

Caregiver Dominique

“I have always liked helping people, and my Dad needed care. I’m happy that I’m able to care for him and know that he is okay. Doing this work has taught me to have compassion and be patient. It a rewarding feeling to do what I do. I take pride in doing it. Not only have does my Dad getting something from it, so do I.  Being a caregiver isn’t just a job. It’s life, and you’re an important factor in it. You can learn a lot more about yourself while doing what you love.”

Caregiver Cheryl

“I was inspired to be come a caregiver an early age when I helped my grandmother , ever since that I have been helpful to everyone I come across. HFTH gave me a chance, provides me support financially and have never let me down since I started. My client inspires me to be a great caretaker.  It makes me a better person in every aspect and motivates me to prosper in life and be great at anything I do.  The key is to make sure you’re always doing what you need to do; be on time, be present always  do things without being told, just do the best you can to make your client’s life easier.”

Caregiver Linda

“I enjoy taking care of people. I always have my entire life. Being a caregiver has taught me new skills, and patience thanks to the training that HFTH provides. I’m now able to take care of my Mother. I can feel comfort that she is well and taken care of.  I’m so proud of having this job and being able to work. My advice for other caregivers is to listen and be more talkative with your client. Let them open up to you and trust you. “

Caregiver Hilda

“My mom is very special to me. I loves caring for her mom.  Working for HFTH is about my belief in the good lord, and our care protects the poor and the sick. We are caring for the ones that need us.  Working for HFTH has been a great experience for me. The staff is patient, and helpful. Everyone at the office has always been delightful. My mother & I are lucky to be part of HFTH. The key to being a successful caregiver is to be yourself and pay attention to your patients.​”

Consumer Annie

“My Service Coordinator informed me about HFTH and that is how I connected with my caregiver. I enjoy talking and going outside with my caregiver. My caregiver helps me with combing my hair and getting a bath. I appreciate when they are on time and consistently kind to me.”