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Their caregivers are compassionate and giving, displaying gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, joy, love, kindness, peace, patience, and self-control.”


Client Testimonials

“I chose Hands From The Heart as her agency because the company’s name made me feel as though my heart was in their hands. I usually am not much of a people person, but the HFTH intake specialist was friendly and helpful and my coordinator was always pleasant, which led me to select Hand’s From The Heart as her agency of choice..”

— Tanya | Client

“All my caregivers have been beautiful people, both inside and out. I am unafraid to speak up for myself to make sure I am getting the care I needs, because my caregiver listens and supports me..”

— Lebron | Client

“Hands From The Heart is how I connected with my caregiver. I enjoy talking and going outside with my caregiver. My caregiver helps me with combing my hair and getting a bath. I appreciate when they are on time and consistently kind to me..”

— Annie | Client

“I decided to receive services from Hands From The Heart from a long list. I feel safe and secure that my daughter is my caregiver. I like to help her cook, play cards and other family games. My Case Manager at HFTH is a great communicator, Joslin is always on time and easy to reach too..”

— Valerie | Client

“I was referred to Hands From The Heart from my granddaughter since HFTH took care of one of my relatives. I enjoy having conversations, playing cards, and eating crab legs with my caregiver. My caregiver assists with everything I need help with, they are very hands-on..”

— Johnie | Client

“HFTH has helped me so much. Having a caregiver, who is my daughter has brought us so much closer. She has helped me improve my health through the years of being with your agency. Thank you for all of your help and support, Yanida and the team..”

— Carrol | Client

“It’s been a great thing for me to have family take care of me in the comfort of my own home. It was the best decision I’ve made. Hands From the Heart has been very pleasant, and accommodating.”

— Corrine | Client

“I am very satisfied with anyone I deal with from Hands From the Heart . The caregivers that I’ve had in the past and now are wonderful caring friends, I can call anytime and get a response. I am very pleased with the service I am receiving.”

— Edith. | Client

“Hands From The Heart is by far the best agency I have ever been with.

— Debbie | Client

“I love it and I never want to switch agencies. The staff is very friendly and lovely to work with. I feel very secure with Hands From The Heart.

— Pearl | Client

“Hands From The Heart has been so wonderful with my family and I really enjoy receiving services from them. I’m really grateful for all of the help that they’ve given us and my caregiver is so wonderful and has become a part of our family.

— Client

Their caregivers are compassionate and giving, displaying gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, joy, love, kindness, peace, patience, and self-control.”

— Burnetha L. | Paoli, PA

“Everything is very good. I am very happy with my services and my caregiver is very nice.

— Leyla | Client

“I love Hands From The Heart and it is so nice being a client with their agency.

— Norma | Client

Employee Testimonials

“Helping our clients. I love to hear when a client is satisfied and compliments our company.

— Chrissy Hunsberger-Smith

“The endless opportunities the company has to offer. Within the 3yrs I have seen the company grow, they are always looking for a way to help the community and better the company along with their staff. I am proud to be a part of the family at Hands From The Heart and look forward to what lies ahead for us.

— Christine Ziff

“I really like that at Hands From the Heart we use all of the latest technology in the home healthcare space to make our aides and the staff be sufficient in our duties.

— Lamont Garmon

“I appreciate my clients, caregivers, and co-worker’s. I honestly love what I do. I treat these people with care, and respect, as if they were my own family.

— Yanida Alvarez

“- I like the vibe in the office. Everyone is nice for the most part. It’s a great place/company to work for.

— Pedro Lima

“What I like best working here at HFTH is that everyone is treated with respect and all the hard work and dedication is appreciated.

— Tammi Epps

“- I enjoy working in this field as I am able to be involved and ensure consumers are getting the care they need. Here at Hands From the Heart we are big on providing quality care and also supporting our consumers with their daily needs and different resources.

— Tiarra Thompson

“Family type environment and the willingness to listen to employees’ ideas.

— Lamont Mcintosh

“One thing I enjoy best working with HFTH is how everyone treats you as if you are family.

— Anna-Marie Martis

“I love the family atmosphere at HFTH and camaraderie that occurs in the office.

— Dawn Powell-Collins

“Being part of the team and knowing that my job plays an important part of employing our caregivers.

— Margie Pomales

“I like that my voice is heard and that my opinion counts. There is nothing like feeling valued where you work at and I definitely feel valued.

— Tiffany Waters

“I love that we all work together as a team. Everyone is very caring, and they push you to be the best you. This has become my second family.

— Joselyn Vasquez

“We work as a team. We are like family

— Arica Dowling

I love how everyone is friendly and willing to help each other. I love the heart of the President and CEO. They truly care and that is a breath of fresh air.

— Naomi Lopez

“It’s a great company and I really like working for them. Great pay & great benefits. Wonderful staff in and out of the office.

— Rasheeda | Stroke-Certified employee

“The family atmosphere.

— Rebecca Cunningham

Caregiver Testimonials

“It’s all about love, remember to love unconditionally. Accept help and don’t be afraid to ask. Make decisions together and don’t forget yourself. Remember caregivers have to adjust, adapt and accommodate, but don’t forget self care. I’ve learned people skills, turn negatives into positives, balance, communication and honesty.

— Darlene | Caregiver

“It a rewarding feeling to do what I do. I take pride in doing it. Not only have does my Dad getting something from it, so do I.

— Dominique | Caregiver

“Working for HFTH is about my belief in the good Lord, and our care protects the poor and the sick. We are caring for the ones that need us. Working for HFTH has been a great experience for me. The staff is patient and helpful. Everyone at the office has always been delightful. My mother & I are lucky to be part of HFTH.

— Hilda | Caregiver

“Working at Hands From The Heart I learned to be patient, take your time, be open minded and kind while keeping it professional. Knowing my mother is okay because I am caring for her, has made my life so much easier.

— Sharnay | Caregiver

“I’ve had a wonderful experience with Hands From The Heart. It’s been a blessing to take care of my mother.

— Stacy | Caregiver

“As a caregiver I have learned to be very patient. I enjoy getting to meet new people. Those new people are often other caregivers and older clients. I love older clients. I feel very proud that I have was hired and work for HFTH.

— Simone | Caregiver

“My best friend Taneera inspired me to be her caregiver when she was in an accident. I knew I had to be there for her. Hands From the Heart has taught me to be more patient and caring. As a caregiver, I have built a better relationship on a whole new level with my best friend.

— Aaliyah | Caregiver

“I enjoy working for Hands From The Heart because it gives me healthcare experience with a flexible schedule that allows me to complete my degree.

— Caziyah | Caregiver

“Hands From The Heart gave me a chance, provides me support financially and have never let me down since I started.

— Cheryl | Caregiver

“Latoya’s aunt never stops mentioning how well she cooks stating that “she knows just what to make and how to make it.” It is clear that Latoya understands and cares for her aunt greatly. Her aunt says that Latoya is an outstanding caregiver who arrives on time and stays late, often times just talking and keeping her company.

— Latoya | Caregiver

“I enjoy taking care of people. I always have my entire life. Being a caregiver has taught me new skills, and patience thanks to the training that HFTH provides.

— Linda | Caregiver

“I’ve worked for HFTH since 2018 and appreciate them thinking of our wellbeing by supplying the items we need to help keep us and our clients safe and also gives us the incentive to give our clients the best of care. Hands From the Heart is a great company to work for and I am so glad that I do.

— Esther | Caregiver

“I love the company and I’ve been a caregiver with Hands From The Heart for 4 years. I’m blessed to work with HFTH and the opportunity they give me.

— Tina | Caregiver

“I’m proud to work for an organization that does so much in the community. I follow along on social media to see what the agency is up to on a day-to-day basis.

— Caregiver

“Hands From The Heart is a genuinely thoughtful agency that really does take care of their clients and caregivers.

— Dayna | Caregiver