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Hands from the Heart Home Healthcare Services is an approved home care provider through the Veterans’ Community Care Program.
We provide quality home care to our veterans who have served this nation proudly.

Different Types of Veterans Pensions

veterans home care services

Basic Pension/Improved Income – for healthy veterans over the age of 65 with low incomes

Aid & Attendance (A&A) – for veterans over the age of 65 that require assistance with their activities of daily living (ADLs)

This benefit can help cover the cost of in-home care for a veteran or their surviving spouse. To be eligible at least one of these must be true:

  • You need another person to help you perform daily activities, like bathing, feeding, and dressing, or
  • You must stay in bed—or spend a large portion of the day in bed—because of illness, or
  • You are a patient in a nursing home due to the loss of mental or physical abilities related to a disability, or
  • Your eyesight is limited (even with glasses or contact lenses you have only 5/200 or less in both eyes; or concentric contraction of the visual field to 5 degrees or less)
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Housebound – for veterans with a disability rating of 100% that prevents them from leaving their home. This disability rating does not have to be related to their military service.

A veteran must have a permanent disability evaluated as 100% disabling and due to such disability, he/she is permanently and substantially confined to their home. You may be eligible for this benefit if you get a VA pension and you spend most of your time in your home because of a permanent disability (a disability that doesn’t go away).

Vet Assist Program

This program is for wartime Veterans, or their surviving spouses, who meet certain medical and financial requirements. Once qualified, there is no out-of-pocket cost for home care. The VetAssist Program helps veterans or their surviving spouses apply for Aid and Attendance. They can get home care started with Hands From The Heart Home Healthcare Services before the VA processes the claim and before our clients receive VA funds. To get started and see if you qualify call us at Hands From The Heart 484-270-4501.

Did you know?

  • In 2020, qualifying veterans and their spouses could be eligible for a VA Pension of approximately $2,266 per month to help cover the costs of elder care assistance.

  • The Aid and Attendance (A&A) benefit is often referred to by other names like, “improved pension”, “VA assisted living benefit” or “veterans elder care benefits”.

  • The A&A Benefit is an additional benefit added to the basic VA Pension

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